Our partners have more than 20-year experience in the Financial Market, adding complementary skills and knowledge. Our management is shared between 8 partners, which directly participates in the conduct of business, ensuring security and tranquility for our customers.

Adalbero Cavalcanti

Adalbero Cavalcanti, a Production Engineer from Polytechnic School of USP/São Paulo (1999) and postgraduate in finance from IBMEC/São Paulo (2000), is a Managing Partner and member of RB CAPITAL’s Board of Directors, responsible for the Distribution division of the Capital Markets area, having joined RB CAPITAL in May 2007.

Previously, he was a Partner at Quorum Portfolio Management and, before that, a Portfolio Manager at SPM Participações. Prior to SPM, Adalbero was a fixed income trader at Banco Credit Suisse, where he also worked as a corporate officer, covering companies with which the bank had credit exposure.

Denise Kaziura

Denise Kaziura is a Managing Partner at RB CAPITAL, where she joined in 2003, being responsible for the Company’s Management. Denise is a lawyer from Mackenzie Presbyterian University (2003).

Denise has extensive experience in the legal structuring of real estate investment and securitization transactions in the Brazilian financial and capital markets.

Glauber Santos

Glauber da Cunha Santos, economist from UFF/Rio de Janeiro (1993) and master in Business Administration from IBMEC/Rio de Janeiro (2004), is a Managing Partner and member of RB CAPITAL’s Board of Directors, where he joined since its foundation in 1998, being responsible for the Capital Markets area. Previously, he worked at Banco Pactual as responsible for the administrative coordination of the credit area and as a Controller of fixed income transactions.

Dedicated to securitization of real estate credits since the creation of the Real Estate Financial System – SFI in 1997, Glauber actively participated in the regulation and consolidation of this market in Brazil, coordinating the structuring of the first securitization transactions backed by rental build-to-suit credits and the first real estate infrastructure financing operations, both through the issuance of CRIs.

Marcelo Michaluá

Marcelo Michaluá, business administrator from FGV/São Paulo (1994), where he also obtained a post-graduate degree (1997), and a master’s degree in International Relations, with a specialization in International Finance & Banking by The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy/Boston-EUA (2001), is Founding Partner and CEO of RB CAPITAL, responsible for the Corporate & Institutional and Investor Relations Area, having joined the company in 2002.

Previously, Marcelo worked as a Senior Associate in the Private Equity area at Darby Overseas Investments in Washington DC, and at Banco Pactual, for five years, where he was responsible for the Credit Area of one of the main credit and finance insurers in the Brazilian market and a Banco Pactual joint venture with Swiss Re. Before that, he worked at Andersen Consulting, as a Financial Reengineering Consultant and at Citibank as a Senior Credit Analyst in the Corporate Finance area. Marcelo is a visiting professor at the postgraduate courses at FGV/SP and FIA-USP.

Mauro Tukiyama

Mauro Tukiyama, an economist from the School of Economics and Administration of the University of São Paulo (1997) and with a specialization in Finance from IBMEC-SP (2001), joined as a partner at RB CAPITAL in 2019 working in the Capital Markets area. Previously, Mauro was Managing Director responsible for the Fixed Income area of Bradesco BBI, where he worked for 23 years dedicated to the capital market area with transactions in fixed income, variable income and mergers and acquisitions.

Mauro has extensive experience in the generation and structuring of fixed income transactions and has actively participated in improving the regulation of the capital market through his role as vice president of ANBIMA’s Finance Committee and other regulatory entities for the financial market.

Ralph Annicchino

Ralph Annicchino is a partner, Head of Real Estate Development at RB CAPITAL, having joined the company in 2019. Civil Engineer, graduated from the School of Engineering of Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie / SP (2002), post-graduated in business administration at the same institution (2004) and attended an MBA in real estate and construction business management at FGV (2011). He previously worked at TRX Investimentos in the area of ​​real estate development and in the commercial area of real estate new products. Before that, I worked at Prosperitas Investimentos in the real estate development area. He has extensive experience in real estate projects, tailored to large clients through Built to Suit contracts and products, as well as speculative logistics condominiums and other real estate businesses.

Regis Dall’Agnese

Regis Dall’Agnese, a business administrator from UFRGS/Rio Grande do Sul (1997), where he also obtained a Postgraduate Degree in Economics (2000), is a Managing Partner and member of RB CAPITAL’s Board of Directors, responsible for the Asset Management division, having joined the company in 2000.

Regis actively participated in a wide range of real estate transactions, both residential and commercial (shopping centers, offices and distribution centers), in addition to several securitization transactions.

Renato Peres

Renato Bugana Peres, graduated in Accounting from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo – PUC-SP (2005), with an Executive MBA in Finance from Saint Paul School of Business and New York Institute of Finance (2017), he is a Managing Partner at RB CAPITAL, having joined the Company in 2017.

Renato is responsible for RB CAPITAL’s financial and controlling area. Previously, Renato worked for 16 years at KPMG in the São Paulo, Brasília and New York offices, reaching the position of Audit Officer.